Established for 34 years by Mr Rui, we are without doubt one of the best known and appreciated seafood restaurants in the country and throughout the Algarve.

Our large aquarium is always generously filled. The offer consists mainly of fresh fish and seafood: Gamba from the coast, clams, crabs, lobsters, fish from Sagres and other species that the sea provides.

Also not to forget are our famous cataplanas and seafood rice, and "steak au Rui" as well as several daily specials.

We have an informal, relaxed and welcoming staff spontaneous and loyal to the house for many years and always literally running from table to table, carrying at all speed the terracotta pots with rice and seafood dishes, fish and beer.

If you love seafood don't waste the opportunity to come hear the typical happy noise caused by the crab hammering on the table that is so familiar to us.
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